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Seeing Biggest Gains in a Week as Asian Stocks are Up

The Asian stock skyrocketed on Tuesday morning, celebrating their biggest gains in a week over falling hospitalizations in some parts of the U.S., further uplifted by positive data released in China.

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The Asia Tech Shares Had Selloff Seen as Buy Opportunity for Some Funds

Friday’s attack by President Donald Trump on WeChat pushed many investors to offload Asia’s technology shares. To some investors, the selloff presented a good buying opportunity.

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When is the Bank of England rate decision and how could it affect GBP/USD?

Following three endeavors to resist any rate change, while as yet being timid, the Bank of England (BOE) is under huge strain to act during the “Super Thursday” at 06:00 AM GMT. Albeit significant market figures are against any rate change, indications about more Quantitative Easing (QE) and negative rates will be the way to look for the GBP/USD merchants. The standard Interest Rate Decision will be joined by the arrival of the minutes of its strategy meeting and the Quarterly Inflation Report (QIR). Following these impetuses, the market sees the post- strategy question and answer session held by Governor Andrew Bailey, around 11:30 GMT.

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China-US Tensions Causes Asia Markets to Stumble on Stimulus Struggles

The long-running uncertainty about the global economic outlook caused by the pandemic and a weak dollar helped push gold to new records after breaking the $2,000 barrier for the first time, while Europe is bracing for a second wave of coronavirus.

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US Pullback Stalls as Manufacturing Data Shows Plunge in Employment: EUR/USD

  • EUR/USD is sidelined close to 1.1765, having hit lows close to 1.17 on Monday.

  • Unemployment in the US manufacturing sector weighs over the US dollar.

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